11 Simple Rules of Podcast Guest Etiquette

podcast etiquette

Podcasts are the fastest growing media format. Listenership is up 11 percent in the last year with more Americans (42 million) tuning in to podcasts than going to the movies each week.

If you’re not hosting your own show (and why aren’t you?), you should consider delivering your message and reaching your target audience as a guest on someone else’s podcast.

And when you do book that guest appearance, follow these 11 simple rules of podcast guest etiquette to deliver your best performance, and guarantee an invitation to return.

  1. Hydrate in advance of the interview. Nobody wants to hear you clear your throat or sip water.
  2. Make sure you have a good phone connection. Landlines are preferable to mobile phones.
  3. Conduct your interview in a quiet room. Make sure your emails don’t ding, your cell phone is on silent and you set your phone to do not disturb.
  4. If you want to refer to notes, keep them on a single page so listeners won’t hear papers rustling.
  5. Be on time. Podcast hosts often conduct multiple interviews in one day. Be a good guest by respecting their time.
  6. Prepare. Know what your purpose is on the show, what message you want to convey and how best to get that message across.
  7. Keep your answers to 3 minutes or under. A conversation is more interesting than a monologue for listeners.
  8. Use inflection in your voice. Don’t be monotone. Remember podcasts are ultimately a form of entertainment
  9. Ask for questions from the host in advance so you can prepare.
  10. Many hosts ask for a final thought/point. Prepare one in advance just in case.
  11. Promote the episode. Hosts count on you to help drum up excitement for the show.

Follow these simple tips and you’re sure to have a successful podcast interview and set yourself up as a sought after guest.

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