Four Trends Shaping the Future of Influencer Marketing

Four Trends Shaping the Future of Influencer Marketing with Double Forte

By Catherine Bormann In the last decade influencer marketing has shifted from an experimental tactic for many brands into a primary social media strategy. With over 80% of marketers setting aside specific budgets for influencer partnerships, brands need to produce influencer content that captures consumers’ attention and halts their doom scrolling.  Despite budget cuts amid…

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Three PR Trends Shaping 2024’s Communication Landscape

Three PR Trends Shaping 2024's Communication Landscape

By: Catherine Bormann As trend stories flood in, we’ve got you covered with the top game-changers in PR. No need to sift through countless articles – we did the homework for you. AI, data, and humor are the stars of the show, reshaping how we do PR. Below are three ways to ensure you’re not…

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The Power of Owned Media: Increasing SEO & Reaching Your Target Audience

By Mollie Leal According to a report by Visual Objects, 76 percent of consumers look for a company’s online presence before visiting in-person. Now, more than ever, it’s important for businesses to optimize their online presence to reach potential customers. This post will help unlock the power of owned media to strengthen search engine optimization…

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Top 5 Tips To A Successful Influencer Campaign

flat cartoon illustration of lifestyle bloggers and influencer campaign partners

By Mollie Leal Although the social media industry is ever-changing, influencer marketing is a growing industry and a valuable promotional tool for businesses. Shopify reported that 61% of consumers put trust in influencers’ recommendations–far outweighing the 38% who trust branded social media content alone.  According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the influencer marketing market grew to…

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5 Reasons To Double Down On PR During a Downturn

By Maggie Zeman Each time the US heads into an economic downturn the outcome can seem predestined: A self-fulfilling prophecy willed upon us by a 24/7 news cycle and boosted by social media. As stormy financial clouds seemingly approach, companies tend to panic by cutting operating costs, and often, PR and marketing budgets are among…

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Marketing Wine from a Difficult Vintage

By Patricia Denci The allure of wine is how it changes in the bottle from one vintage to the next. Even within the exact same vineyard, grapes and winemaking techniques vary from year to year as Mother Nature leaves her indelible mark on each vintage. Some years prove to be more challenging than others. As…

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