6 Content Creation Tools We Absolutely Love

May 31, 2017Content Marketing

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know your job is to create and publish content. Why? Because content is how you connect with the people who matter most to you. Content is how you control the message. So, in order to help you create great content, here are six content tools the team at … Read More

How To Align Your Content Strategy To Your Business Goals

May 3, 2017Content Marketing

Content strategies are meaningless unless they are aligned with your business goals. So how does a marketing department and the C-suite make sure the two are aligned? We’ve got you covered with these 5 steps to align your marketing strategy with your business goals. Share your business goals with the marketing and/or content team. This step … Read More

It’s On You To Comply With FTC Guidelines

April 26, 2017Content Marketing

Recently the FTC sent letters to 90 Instagram influencers because they failed to properly disclose their relationships to brands when promoting products on the social platform. The FTC sent the letters as an effort to “educate marketers about their responsibilities under truth-in-advertising laws and standards.” You can read the letter here.  As marketers, it is your … Read More

The Best Laid Plans

April 5, 2017Communication, Content Marketing

How is it already April? Not that we don’t like spring and baseball season, it’s just, wow, the pace at which we all work and live is intense! The start of a new quarter, especially the second quarter, however, is a great time to pause and reexamine your goals for the year. What intentions did you … Read More

Go Live! 4 Tips for Broadcasting on Facebook

March 29, 2017Content Marketing, Digital

“If you’re not broadcasting live on Facebook in 2017, you are missing the beat.” This was our advice at the start of the new year because we know how difficult it is to break through the clutter on Facebook and we know that native videos get more organic reach than any other content. We also … Read More

This Is Not Fake News

March 1, 2017Content Marketing

We’ve been talking about the power of content marketing for a while now at Double Forte but recent events have us doubling down on just how important it is to have a smart content strategy – and to act on it. First, there’s the brouhaha over fake news. Regardless of whose accusations of #fakenews you … Read More

11 Ways To Leverage Your Content

February 22, 2017Content Marketing

We’re preaching the power and importance of content this year at Double Forte. So we thought the least we could do is tell you how to make your content work hard for you. Her are 11 ways to leverage the heck out of your content. Start with a blog post. Most communications professionals have their … Read More

The President Tweeted Again…

February 1, 2017Content Marketing

Fear not. This is not a political message. This is a message about marketing and communications in a new era. All the rules have just been broken and we need a new plan. ASAP! So what? Now what? How do we as professional communicators go forward? How do brands navigate in a media landscape of … Read More

6 Things We Learned By Producing A Podcast in 2016

December 14, 2016Content Marketing

When the team at Double Forte decided, “We should have a podcast,” we knew we were setting ourselves up for a lot of work, and, a lot of opportunity. Right on both fronts! Everything Speaks, our podcast for people interested in or starting a career in public relations, marketing, or social media, launched in July … Read More