Four Key Takeaways from the 2023 Social Media Marketing World Conference

March 22, 2023Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media

by Gabriel Muñoz Double Forte went to the 10th annual Social Media Marketing World Conference, where the main topics of conversation were artificial intelligence (AI) and how important TikTok is today, despite questions its parent company faces. The 3-day conference in San Diego brought together creators, influencers, technologists, and experts to collaborate and learn. Our … Read More

The Importance of Storytelling in Your LinkedIn Strategy

October 6, 2021Content Marketing

By Alexis Karis Launched 18 years ago, LinkedIn has become a mainstay in the world of social media and is an important part of most companies’ communications strategies. According to its website, LinkedIn is “the world’s largest professional network with 774+ million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide,” with the vast majority … Read More

Accountability and Solidarity

March 24, 2021Content Marketing, Uncategorized

Last Wednesday, I emailed our mailing list on our regular monthly schedule. I talked about  the hope we see with the coming of Spring, more vaccinations, and stimulus funds helping people in need. This was in stark contrast to the horrific shootings in the Atlanta area that took eight people’s lives at three different spas: six … Read More

Your Communications Checklist for 2021

October 21, 2020Content Marketing, Uncategorized

One of the many business lessons we will take away from 2020, is the importance of owning, not only the message, but also, the medium. As we shared in,  “Politics, A Pandemic and PR: A Communications Point of  View for Late 2020,”  it is more important than ever that you manage your brand and connect to your … Read More

Do You Google Google?

July 10, 2019Content Marketing

If you’re not googling Google, you should be. The search giant frequently updates its algorithm (as in practically daily) and significantly updates it a few times a year. The more substantial updates are called Broad Core Algorithm updates and when they happen, the rules of search, as you thought you knew them, often shift – and – … Read More

It’s Time To Update Your Customer Persona

June 26, 2019Content Marketing

When was the last time you reviewed your customer personas? Customer personas are critical. In order to make a meaningful connection with a buyer, you need to know who they are, what they like, how they live, and what motivates them, aka, how they make purchasing decisions.  Most of the brands we work with understand … Read More

An Image is Worth A Thousand Clicks

April 24, 2019Communication, Content Marketing

When headlines fail to drive interest, reads or clicks, images can pick up the slack. Have a human interest story? The right image can ring the emotional register and make a lasting impact. We’re in the business of storytelling so it’s important to understand not only how images complement the stories we tell but also … Read More

Building Trust Via Earned and Paid

March 13, 2019Content Marketing

If you type, “What is the meaning of life?” into a search bar, you will get more than 2 billion results. Somewhere in there, has to be the answer, right? But the answer I trust might be different than the answer you trust. Trust is the hottest currency in marketing. At Double Forte we know … Read More