The Rise of Instagram Stories in Brand Marketing

July 17, 2019Digital

By Emily McCann Instagram has reached more than one billion active monthly users, with more than five hundred million of them using Instagram Stories daily. That’s why it is crucial to recognize the potential that Stories hold for brand marketing. Consider this: after seeing a Story posted by a brand, 75 percent of Instagram users … Read More

4 Key Considerations for Sharing Sponsored Content

March 20, 2019Digital, Uncategorized

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), branded, or sponsored, content is content that is “sponsored by/promoted by a brand that is non-promotional in nature.” Native advertising is the paid distribution of that content. When brands like The Washington Post and New York Times publish sponsored editorial content, it’s safe to say this form of advertising revenue … Read More

Taylor Swift Uses Her Influence For Democracy

October 10, 2018Communication, Digital, Marketing

Influencer Marketing, as we’ve talked about for, is all the rage in the marketing mix. As we’ve described this freshly-coined “discipline” will definitely evolve but is not going anywhere but up in importance. For brands that means another arrow in the quiver to communicate with audiences new and old — communications is the art of … Read More

What You Can Do to Create the Most Effective Brand Ambassador Program

September 5, 2018Digital

by Ani Comella Brand ambassador programs can build engagement for a brand, create excitement and extend reach. Here are 5 steps to running a successful brand ambassador program: Find the right people to represent your brand Brand ambassadors should be exciting, engaging and highly knowledgeable about the company. Who you hire to be the face … Read More

Brand Ambassador and Social Influencers – Are They The Same?

August 15, 2018Digital

by Ani Comella So you read the marketing trades and you know that when it comes to reach and engagement, social influencers are worth looking into. And then one of your industry peers tells you they’ve just run a successful brand ambassador campaign. “Uhuh,” you nod. You’ve read all bout that. But, wait?! Have you? … Read More

IGTV vs. YouTube: What’s Best For Your Brand?

August 8, 2018Digital

By Miranda Carpanello After the release of IGTV, Instagram has quickly become a one-stop-shop for consumers’ social media needs. According to, Instagram has grown more than five times its size since Facebook acquired the social media site six years ago. The ability to add longer videos positions it more in the realm of YouTube … Read More

Facebook Launches Brand/Influencer Collaboration Tool

July 11, 2018Digital

Don’t let the awkward name turn you off. “Brand Collabs Manager” is Facebook’s new tool for connecting brands and influencers on its platform. Announced just last week, Facebook calls the new tool, “a marketplace that helps brands and creators find, learn more about and connect with each other.” Basically, Brand Collabs Manager functions as a search … Read More

Social Shakeups

April 3, 2018Digital, Marketing, Uncategorized

And just like that it’s April. The first quarter is behind us, we’re well into the groove of 2018, and its smooth sailing, right? If your brand maintains a presence on social media (which it should) this couldn’t be further from the truth. In the past 90 days alone, we’ve been hit with so many … Read More